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At Shenick Vets we are happy to offer a referral Cardiology service ran by our clinical director Emiliana Capurro.

What services do we offer?

  • Full Doppler Cardiology


  • ECG


  • Holter monitoring


  • Digital Radiography


  • Minor cardiac procedures
  • When do we recommend cardiology investigation?
  • Cardiac Ultrasound
  • ECG
  • Holter
  • How to arrange a referral?

When do we recommend cardiology investigation?

Your vet will often recommend cardiology screening for a variety of reasons including:

  • Murmur investigation
  • Arrythmia investigation
  • Following episodes of collapse
  • To investigate coughing or excessive panting
  • Pre surgical check
  • Pre breeding check
  • Congenital screening

Cardiac Ultrasound

The most common cardiac investigation is a Cardiac Ultrasound.

We ask for all pets coming for an ultrasound scan to be fasted for 12 hours prior to their appointment.

On the day your pet will have their chest shaved on both sides and will be held in place on a specialised table by one of our trained assistants. A clear gel is applied to the skin over the area being examined and a probe will then be lightly placed against their skin in order to capture images from different angles.

The ultrasound lasts for about an hour and the ultrasonographer will interpret the images and assess the health and structure of internal tissues and organs. A full report will be sent to your referral veterinary surgeon.

In some cases, your animal may need to be sedated in order to allow for the ultrasound to be performed. Our ultrasonographers will discuss this with you on the day if necessary.


An ECG/Electrocardiogram is like a heart check-up for animals. It is a test that helps the veterinarians understand how your pet’s heart is working.

To do this our cardiologist will attach small sticky patches called electrodes to your pet’s skin. These patches are then connected to a machine. The machine then records the electrical signals coming from the heart. The cardiologist can then look at the ECG and use this information to diagnose a variety of heart conditions.


Here in Shenick Vets we also offer a cardiac Holter service. This involves the animals wearing a portable ECG monitoring device over a period of 24 hours. This allows the cardiologist to analyse your pet's heart rate and rhythm over a longer period of time. This further helps to diagnose and manage a variety of conditions including arrythmias (abnormal heart rhythms), syncope (fainting) and other heart related issues.

How to arrange a referral?

We are happy to accept referrals from all veterinary practices. If you would like to refer a case to us, please phone our Skerries branch on 018493071 to discuss.

If you would like to organise for your own pet to come to us for a referral, please contact your primary vet and ask them to email your pets clinical history to info@shenickvets.ie and call us on 018493071 to organise your appointment.

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