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Diagnostics & Lab Services

In-house laboratory for faster diagnostics

Here at Shenick Veterinary Centre we offer a wide range of diagnostic tests, allowing us to assess many aspects of your pets health. With our in-house testing equipment we can get results back to you very quickly. For more complex we send samples to an external laboratory for further analysis. We have an excellent working relationship with this laboratory and a team of Clinical Pathologists are always available to discuss the results with our vets.

Our in house laboratory allows us to quickly carry out the following tests:

  • Haematology Profiles
  • Biochemistry profiles
  • Urinalysis, including microscopy
  • Faecal Analysis & Giardia Screening
  • Cytology
  • FIV and FeLV testing in cats
  • Feline T4 testing
  • Blood glucose testing

As well as our In-House laboratory we also have a state of the art Digital Radiography Suite in our Skerries and Balbriggan clinics. This is allows us to visualise bones as well as assess the chest, abdomen and internal organs. Because our equipment is on site and all our Veterinary staff are qualified radiographers we are able to take X-Rays and interpret results extremely quickly giving your pet and you a quick and professional diagnosis.

We also perform contrast studies using contrast medium. It is a substance is administered to the animal which allows us to visualise soft tissue structures and to evaluate their size, shape and position.


Our veterinary practitioners will always seek the best outcome for your pet. This may involve referring your pet to a specialist. This is done after discussion and in conjunction with you, as part of their overall treatment plan.

We use outside or visiting specialists for:

  • MRI
  • Pathology
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