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Meet the Team

We are a dedicated and professional team

Veterinary Surgeons

Emiliana Capurro - Veterinary Surgeon

Emiliana Capurro

Emiliana Capurro DVM PhD Veterinary Surgeon
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Caoimhe Dowd Smith - Veterinary Surgeon

Caoimhe Dowd Smith

Caoimhe Dowd Smith BSc DVM Veterinary Surgeon
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Géneviève Driane - Veterinary Surgeon

Géneviève Driane

Géneviève Driane DVM Veterinary Surgeon
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Carla Lluch Arce - Veterinary Surgeon

Carla Lluch Arce

Carla Lluch Arce DVM Veterinary Surgeon
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Ian Finney - Veterinary Surgeon

Ian Finney

Ian Finney DVM MRCVS GPCert(Ophthal) Veterinary Surgeon
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Andreea Neghina - Veterinary Surgeon

Andreea Neghina

Andreea Neghina DVM Veterinary Surgeon
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Riccardo Nannetti - Veterinary Surgeon

Riccardo Nannetti

Riccardo Nannetti DVM Veterinary Surgeon
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Sean Murphy - Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Sean Murphy

Sean Murphy MVB GP Cert SADI PgC SADI Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
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Veterinary Nurses

Amy Phillips Wood - Head Nurse

Amy Phillips Wood

Amy Phillips Wood BScVN, RVN, PgCert Anaesthesia and Analgesia Head Nurse
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Niamh Archbold - Head Nurse

Niamh Archbold

Niamh Archbold RVN Head Nurse
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Laura Fay - Veterinary Nurse

Laura Fay

Laura Fay RVN Veterinary Nurse
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Deirdre Glaholm - Veterinary Nurse

Deirdre Glaholm

Deirdre Glaholm RVN Veterinary Nurse
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Stephanie McDonnell - Veterinary Nurse

Stephanie McDonnell

Stephanie McDonnell RVN Veterinary Nurse
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Elaine Nolan - Veterinary Nurse

Elaine Nolan

Elaine Nolan RVN Veterinary Nurse
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Cara Byrne - Veterinary Nurse

Cara Byrne

Cara Byrne Veterinary Nurse
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Support Team

Catherine O’Grady - Hydrotherapist

Catherine O’Grady

Catherine O’Grady Hydrotherapist
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Erica Wade - Animal Care Assistant

Erica Wade

Erica Wade Animal Care Assistant
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Administrative Team

Paul Clinton - Practice Manager

Paul Clinton

Paul Clinton RVN Practice Manager
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Karen Birney - Receptionist

Karen Birney

Karen Birney Receptionist
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Natalie De Felice - Receptionist

Natalie De Felice

Natalie De Felice Receptionist
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Sharon Lacey - Receptionist

Sharon Lacey

Sharon Lacey Receptionist
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Sarah Maguire - Receptionist

Sarah Maguire

Sarah Maguire Receptionist
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Tara Maguire - Receptionist

Tara Maguire

Tara Maguire Receptionist
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Denise Parker - Receptionist

Denise Parker

Denise Parker Receptionist
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